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The Return Note

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Floating Notes, Music

Visitors to this blog must now be familiar with my random appearances and frequent absences. This irregularity irks me no end but I take some solace in that I’m even more callous with my Rambling On My Mind blog. That I enjoy writing – and reading – that one considerably more than DyingNote but still write so infrequently gives you an indication of the strangeness of my mind…or perhaps my innate laziness. Yet during all the weeks that I post not a single line, people still drop by. I’m in equal parts mystified and gratified by that. Whatever your reasons might be, it makes me want to stay with this. That, and something else. I don’t miss writing on this blog as much as I miss reading what my friends – albeit virtual – post on theirs. My old favourites Rick keeping it going despite being Surrounded By Imbeciles, John penning his Thoughts From West Five, the prodigious trio of Wes, Todd and Austin pouring out their love for music at Little By Listen and the many blogs that I later happily stumbled upon keep me informed, entertained and …er… shamed. While I’ve been away on my latest break from here, I see that I Made You A Mixtape and Notes On Notes are back. Excellent.

So what have I been up to? (more…)


A Quick One While I’m Gone

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Floating Notes, Music

It’s been a while since I pushed a post here. I’ve been away traveling for quite a few days – some of it was planned when the wife and I went to the high mountains in Ladakh and some of it came up suddenly, as now when I’m walking around the French quarter of Pondicherry or am sweating away the nights laying the lines, hauling speakers and helping with the mix as part of the sound crew at a week long fest here. I’ll be back end of this month.

Ballotbox It’s election day here in the state of Karnataka, India. For those of you who don’t know, Karnataka houses the city of Bengaluru or Bangalore. There’s a slow change that seems to be coming over the attitude of people to elections, at least among the ‘educated’ middle class. Indifference and apathy are giving way to a slow simmering anger which is mercifully translating to some sort of positive activism instead of sneering cynicism. There are new entrants to the political system. Some of these have been working closely with policy making over the last few years and therefore are not susceptible to the wide-eyed naivete of the well-meaning newbie. In them lie our hopes. It’s a tough ask because the known politicos are  lost cases and expectations of them are zilch but hope from the new generation of political entrants is high and they will be watched closely for what they deliver; or don’t.

The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” seems the perfect anthem for today. There’s hope yet there’s fear that it’ll all come to naught. (more…)


Posted: November 7, 2012 in Floating Notes

I’m not short of material to write on. In fact, I know exactly the artist and the music I want to write about for my next post. But the flow of words has been dammed to form a stagnant dirty pool (a hint there). I made two attempts but was just not happy with what came out of those. Aaah gaaah!

The Note Resurrected

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Floating Notes
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This attempt at explaining my disappearance from this blog should’ve appeared much earlier. The only reason it didn’t is that I kept thinking I’ll be back soon. ‘Soon’ has now been quite a few weeks.

I’ve kept away, for the major part, due to the excitement of a new venture that I’ve partnered with a friend on. No stress there, but it’s just that constantly thinking of new ideas and things to do has put most other things off focus. Having said that, for the first few weeks of not writing on this blog (since it started an year back), I was not worked up over not writing. That was never the case before – I’d be irritable if I didn’t average a post a week. DyingNote was an important part of my life – it gave me something to look forward to. Since my continued absence from it didn’t bother me, I thought “ah, well! It was nice while it lasted but it looks like I’ve moved on”. But that restless gnawing at not writing has returned in the last 2 weeks. And it has been intensified by quite a few regular readers calling or messaging me to get back to it – I appreciate that, really do.

What this absence has also done is to keep me off reading posts of my fellow bloggers. That I truly regret because these people always have more interesting to write than I do. All I can say to them is that I have a lot of catching up to do…and I will 🙂

And so…I’m back! I’m home, and the doors are open for you all to come right back in 🙂


Posted: July 13, 2012 in Floating Notes

It’s been raining here steadily since about the time of the last post. Just saying 🙂

Just as the sun was setting in my part of the world, I received a message from a fellow blogger, Elliot who writes a most interesting and varied blog brain splats, that he’d nominated me for a ‘Sunshine award’. I have a guarded view of awards (expressed before too). It always feels great to be appreciated and it’s important that you show that to people whose efforts you respect and care for. But at the same time, too often in the past – especially in the organizations that I have worked in – have I  seen presentations of awards  unwarranted, even fatuous. (more…)