Machina Sapiens

The machines are here, even if that’s not exactly music to the ears. We are the machines.

Black Positive

The great sickness of humanity is the lack of empathy. Illness is not a crime. And a person with illness is not abhorrent.

The Return Note

Visitors to this blog must now be familiar with my random appearances and frequent absences. This irregularity irks me no end but I take some solace in that I’m even more callous with my Rambling On My Mind blog. That I enjoy writing – and reading – that one considerably more than DyingNote but still…

A Quick One While I’m Gone

It’s been a while since I pushed a post here. I’ve been away traveling for quite a few days – some of it was planned when the wife and I went to the high mountains in Ladakh and some of it came up suddenly, as now when I’m walking around the French quarter of Pondicherry…


 It’s election day here in the state of Karnataka, India. For those of you who don’t know, Karnataka houses the city of Bengaluru or Bangalore. There’s a slow change that seems to be coming over the attitude of people to elections, at least among the ‘educated’ middle class. Indifference and apathy are giving way to…


I’m not short of material to write on. In fact, I know exactly the artist and the music I want to write about for my next post. But the flow of words has been dammed to form a stagnant dirty pool (a hint there). I made two attempts but was just not happy with what…

The Note Resurrected

This attempt at explaining my disappearance from this blog should’ve appeared much earlier. The only reason it didn’t is that I kept thinking I’ll be back soon. ‘Soon’ has now been quite a few weeks. I’ve kept away, for the major part, due to the excitement of a new venture that I’ve partnered with a…


It’s been raining here steadily since about the time of the last post. Just saying 🙂

Sunshine In My Life

Just as the sun was setting in my part of the world, I received a message from a fellow blogger, Elliot who writes a most interesting and varied blog brain splats, that he’d nominated me for a ‘Sunshine award’. I have a guarded view of awards (expressed before too). It always feels great to be appreciated…

On another note

There are many blogs out there that shed a shining light on music and sound. Four of my favourites are on my Blog Roll. I’m picky, aren’t I? I’m also lazy. Doesn’t matter – these four I’ve found to be excellent. Do read these and you’ll see why!