On another note

There are many blogs out there that shed a shining light on music and sound. Four of my favourites are on my Blog Roll. I’m picky, aren’t I? I’m also lazy. Doesn’t matter – these four I’ve found to be excellent. Do read these and you’ll see why!

Download Central
I first read this in print form in the Sunday magazine, Brunch, of the Hindustan Times. That it appears a day earlier in the Mint, the HT’s business daily, acted as a catalyst in my switching to that business publication (which I like for other reasons too). The online version of DC has its own conveniences – links, downloads…comments form. The author, Sanjoy Narayan, has led me through his blog on a discovery of artists that I had not heard before, some that I’m not sorry I hadn’t but many others that have been a joy. He also introduced me to the Contrast podcast.

The Contrast Podcast
Tim Young’s podcast is sometimes bizarre, often delightful but always interesting. It puts together music from contributors based on a theme. Example of a contributor is yours truly, example of theme is ‘The Legs’ (ummm…one of my favourites) and example of contribution to said theme is Rod Stewart’s song ‘Hot Legs’. Example of bizarre theme is ‘Broccoli’ – yes, that did happen. However erratic (Tim’s working hard on that) the timing of the publication be, I find it something to look forward to and not just because I love the sound of my own voice. Do check the year-end Festive 50 podcast that will go up soon.

Troubled Souls Unite
This was for me a discovery through WordPress’s ‘Freshly Pressed’ section. The author writes well and has helped me along on relatively new paths that I’m treading. He introduced me to M83’s excellent electronic/indie/pop album ’Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ and Childish Gambino’s delightful rap effort ‘Camp’. I keep coming back (although it’s not been updated for a few days now – vacation?) to TSU because of its eclectic mix – Pearl Jam, The Black Keys, Jack White thrown in with Drake, M83, Gambino amidst the occasional note on American football. I also found about Wu-Tanging a name from this blog. Mine’s Action-packed Mentallist, what’s yours? 😉

Sounding Out!
The Sounding Out! blog, as in the case of TSU above, came my way through WordPress’s ‘Freshly Pressed’ blender. As the name suggests, this is not specific to music and deals with the larger subject of sound. It tends to be heavier to read through than the blogs above but is always worth it because of the variety and amount of sound-related knowledge it carries. In it, you’ll find an essay on sound effects created from familiar objects as also an argument on the economic/social aspect of monetising music.