I’m not short of material to write on. In fact, I know exactly the artist and the music I want to write about for my next post. But the flow of words has been dammed to form a stagnant dirty pool (a hint there). I made two attempts but was just not happy with what came out of those. Aaah gaaah!


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  1. Oh, I have been there for a few months already… same here- there is music out there… but I seem to have run out of things to say… or not so much things to say- but it seems like everything I come up with either shoulds banal, repetetive or dire…. have we become too critical I wonder?


    1. Not sure about that becoming too critical bit, but banal, yes. What do I have to say that has already been not said. That was part of the reason – just a part – for my going off this blog for nearly 3 months. But then I love music and words and this blog is the perfect channel for that to flow.


    2. And you’re doing a great job on your blog without sounding critical, banal, repetitive or dire. I enjoy your posts so much I only wish you wrote more often


  2. My advice is just to sit down and start typing, and think less about it before hand. Once you get something going, you’ll soon correct it and find a route to follow. Or try some of these: 1) Find a short fiction prompt blog, but use the prompt as a starting subject to find relevant / related music to writie about. 2) Write about three albums you got this year that ought to be heard, and why. 3) Turn the tv or radio on, and the first sentence you hear, use as a starting point, and see what you can relate to it.

    If you try a few of the exercises, you will find your own ideas soon start to flow again as well.


    1. Thanks Elliott. I think it’s largely due to my being a little screwed up in the head right now with some personal stuff. I believe I have that demon beat now.

      This mini post was just to get some words out, even if it was to admit the difficulty I faced with doing that. And it’s already got the ‘circulation’ going.


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