Dark and bleak as it may sound, DyingNote is really like the high of the ending kick of the snare drum, the last note of the piano, the closing crash of the guitar – a summation of all that preceded, the last memory. This is my attempt to bring to you some of the music that I love and which I hope you will too, if you already don’t. If I don’t cover certain genres of music, it doesn’t necessarily follow that I don’t like and appreciate those. I will desist mainly because I do not have a point of view that I consider worthwhile adding to the plethora of existing opinions or I do not consider myself competent and comfortable enough to comment on those.

Most of the writing will be supported by an audio file (mp3 format) of samples of songs covered. If you like any of the music here, please support the artiste and buy it online or from that heading-to-extinction music store.

15 Thoughts

  1. Amazing piece f writing i saw today..could really feel your endless emotions flowing in words in ur 2nd post.. and thanks for reffering all those amazing instrumentals.. loved all f them. i Probably would have never known about them 🙂

    ganges delta blues was suuuper.. literally takes u in a trance 🙂

    N ya nice compilation n mixing in draw your strings..


  2. Hi,

    You have a fascinating view on music. I cannot wait to read more.

    Thanks for visiting and liking my blog.

    I relate to your restrictions in the perspective of who best guitarists were. I grew up in an environment where music was segregated and you only listened to (and liked) certain genre only. I have grown up to be open minded – similar to the change in your view.



    1. Elliot, I will never have enough words to express how much I appreciate it. The intent of this blog is to share the joy I get from music in return for which I receive much pleasure in people coming in and reading my blog. That – irrespective of the numbers – in itself is a big thing for me. But to be explicitly appreciated in the way you have shown makes it very special. Thank you very much.

      I do understand – or I think I do – the rules. But I have a very silly question – do I just go ahead and stick the badge on my blog?


      1. You are very welcome, I enjoy your blog.

        You can do whatever you wish with the badge. I just use an image widget to display it, but you don’t have to display anything if you don’t want to. I have seen other blogs where the awards get put into a page. The choice as “they” say, is yours.


  3. Hi DyingNote,

    I got your reference from a common friend. I couldn’t find your email here. Would be great if you can email me at Somnath. Dasgupta @ gmail.com



  4. Hello sir,

    Lovely writing! I’m a final year student at BITS Pilani and I’m a part of the core committee of my college’s annual cultural festival, Oasis.

    I’d like your suggestions/thoughts on what we could do to improve things with respect to ‘musical events’ at college fests. While we’re at that, if you could recommend Indian bands that we should be looking to contact for a good time at Oasis, that’d be great, too.



  5. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you enjoy the wide variety of music covered and find the writing entertaining. I usually post on a weekly basis. I welcome comments. If it has been a while since you last visited come on over and see what’s new on The Jukebox. Regards and good luck with all your projects. Thom


    1. Hi Thom,

      Thanks for dropping by. I’ve been quite irregular with my posts here and in checking in on the blogs that I follow. Much of that has to do with the amount of time and energy that went into first music tour I was organising (more of that later in a post). I’m sure to be a bit more consistent and your blog is surely one of those that I’ll drop in at more often.

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