The Song Says It All

You could call this a lazy piece but if you knew the amount of effort I’ve had to expend  against my recently acquired surly resistance of memory, you’ll turn a more kindly eye to this post. And all that for a rapidly hardening bunch of cells to yield but one captive. Still, well worth it I think. I really don’t have to write much about The Divine Comedy’s “Gin Soaked Boy” – the song says it all. Deep, silly, philosophical, quirky, whimsical – whatever you may make of it, it’s always lifted me. Of course, at times it’s taken six or seven listens straight for that moment of uplift, but it eventually works.

Actually, this is not a lazy piece at all, never mind all that blarney about failing memory. I had a lot of fun mucking around with the typo of the lyrics. The output is by no means a work of elegance – quite a hack really. But I enjoyed working on it.

Gin Soaked Boy 1
Gin Soaked Boy 2



  1. Rick says:

    I’ve always been partial to the Jeff Goldblum line.


    1. DyingNote says:

      That line was what made me take note of the song the first time


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