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Got a clutchful of songs but no money to produce them? Sad? Depressed? Well the solution is not Loch Lomond (don’t let it bother you if you’ve never read Tintin).

Crowd-funding music projects – albums, events, products – has caught on quite a bit now. Leaning on fans who’re more in sync with what a band wants to do than on sponsors and record labels makes sense. Kickstarter and its kind have become go-to platforms for such endeavours, mainly in the West. There’s now a definitely noticeable trend here in (more…)


Sunday morning. Again. I might have been prepping myself up for Control ALT Delete’s Metalfest. But I’m compelled to be home this weekend. So instead I chose a viable alternative in writing about some of the finest metal I’ve heard in recent times. I make this a tribute to the 3 young men who put in their money and loads of time and effort in making Control ALT Delete happen year after year (this is the first time they’re doing a metal edition). They’ve shown incredible commitment to music and to fans by keeping it a pay-what-you-want gig and dividing any ‘profit’ (sadly that doesn’t happen often but I hope things change soon) equally among the bands. (more…)

Sunday. I had planned on going for an early morning cycle ride despite turning in at 2 a.m. Instead I’m writing this. It’s been a strange week. Earlier on Monday, I discovered that playing by the ear for me is getting significantly harder physiologically. For what I’ve been doing most days for the last couple of months, that sounded close to the death knell. I don’t remember having ever been so depressed. I came so close to ringing the final bell down on my dabbling with sound. I didn’t. Instead, I chose to (more…)

And so like Robert the Bruce’s spider, I’m back once again climbing the wall…of sound. Although in my observation of spiders, that one of legend must’ve been pretty high to fall so many times. Scotch, you say? That wouldn’t be surprising. Anyway, I usually write this blog during periods of sobriety and so hopefully unlike the spider, I won’t have to make 8 attempts to make this stick.

How do any of you cotton on to a song or album that you end up liking and/or buying with little or no prior knowledge of the musician and his/her music other than having read about or heard mention of said artist? (more…)

That has to be one of the most familiar tunes in popular music. Used, lifted, interpreted by many an artist. And it’s not the only one. Take this for instance.

Yet too few have heard of the man who created it. (more…)

Your personal discovery of music so often takes you on a trip to the past. Maybe I’m bored and jaded but I don’t go leaping over the moon listening to a lot of music today that others wax eloquent on. And then I pull out my CDs, sift through them and let the act bring to the fore of memory forgotten heroes. And so I came by, gladly once again, two pioneering guitarists. This post is about one of them.

The power chord is stock-in-trade of rock guitarists. (more…)


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I’m back. Not like an oversized man-machine sent back in time or a certain bloody Count (or was that a Baron?) of lore with a penchant for necking of a sort. Nope. You see, if I didn’t make a re-entry, I would have to change this blog to – too painful, not to mention significantly more depressing – and this particular post to ‘Death Note’ which makes for a subtle but important difference from its current title, don’t you think? (Explanatory Note: title expands to Near Death Experience). Dyamm, now that I’ve put the first few words together, I should’ve done this around Halloween. (more…)