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The Return Note

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Floating Notes, Music

Visitors to this blog must now be familiar with my random appearances and frequent absences. This irregularity irks me no end but I take some solace in that I’m even more callous with my Rambling On My Mind blog. That I enjoy writing – and reading – that one considerably more than DyingNote but still write so infrequently gives you an indication of the strangeness of my mind…or perhaps my innate laziness. Yet during all the weeks that I post not a single line, people still drop by. I’m in equal parts mystified and gratified by that. Whatever your reasons might be, it makes me want to stay with this. That, and something else. I don’t miss writing on this blog as much as I miss reading what my friends – albeit virtual – post on theirs. My old favourites Rick keeping it going despite being Surrounded By Imbeciles, John penning his Thoughts From West Five, the prodigious trio of Wes, Todd and Austin pouring out their love for music at Little By Listen and the many blogs that I later happily stumbled upon keep me informed, entertained and …er… shamed. While I’ve been away on my latest break from here, I see that I Made You A Mixtape and Notes On Notes are back. Excellent.

So what have I been up to? (more…)


Got a clutchful of songs but no money to produce them? Sad? Depressed? Well the solution is not Loch Lomond (don’t let it bother you if you’ve never read Tintin).

Crowd-funding music projects – albums, events, products – has caught on quite a bit now. Leaning on fans who’re more in sync with what a band wants to do than on sponsors and record labels makes sense. Kickstarter and its kind have become go-to platforms for such endeavours, mainly in the West. There’s now a definitely noticeable trend here in (more…)

Sunday morning. Again. I might have been prepping myself up for Control ALT Delete’s Metalfest. But I’m compelled to be home this weekend. So instead I chose a viable alternative in writing about some of the finest metal I’ve heard in recent times. I make this a tribute to the 3 young men who put in their money and loads of time and effort in making Control ALT Delete happen year after year (this is the first time they’re doing a metal edition). They’ve shown incredible commitment to music and to fans by keeping it a pay-what-you-want gig and dividing any ‘profit’ (sadly that doesn’t happen often but I hope things change soon) equally among the bands. (more…)