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Bangalore’s weather blessing is a thing of the past although it’s still a lot better than most of our other big cities. No, what really gets me kicked about this place is the number of Indie music gigs that happen every week. Even so, last Saturday was a particularly long concert day. I’m sure there was a lot else happening but I attended two gigs that day. The first was the single-day Emerge fest which had Alt-J headlining. This event had been on for some time but it gathered crazy momentum and buzz once the organizers announced Alt-J would be part of it. (more…)


“Are you going alone?” I can’t help but smile at that question flicked at me by curiosity. I’m in the company of strangers seated in the confines of a bus organised to lead people to the ‘happiest music festival’. Strangers they may be, but it’s so easy to strike a conversation with any of them. All of us are bonded by the anticipation that the NH7 Weekender festival generates. What started as a single city event – the Pune edition even now is still the biggest – now tours four cities, a sign of the ‘scene’ having grown bigger. (more…)

For a long time, I avoided – mostly – listening to Indian rock/pop bands because with a few exceptions, I thought all they produced was heavy metal. That is a notion (maybe it was based on reality, I don’t know) that has mercifully been given a sound thrashing in the last about year and a half. There was a time that (almost) every band here played only covers because that’s all the audience was interested in hearing from them. Original music was usually booed. That’s changing – and quite rapidly. A slew of bands that play diverse genres, some that even refuse to be slotted, has emerged. I’ve got around to going in for live performances by some of these acts and I can tell you that the studio doesn’t quite do them as much justice as when they get on stage. I’ve got a few of these songs on my playlist right now. They are not fully representative of what’s going on in the Indian independent music scene. Heck, these songs do not necessarily even capture the essence of the bands playing them. These are just a small sample. (more…)