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Pale skin, raccoon eyes – does Jack White ever sleep? One of rock’s hardest working musicians and most fascinating personalities (among other things, John Gillis did take Meg White’s – his ex-wife and the other half of the White Stripes – surname), the seemingly insatiable Jack White creates multiple projects as vehicles for his prodigious musical output. (more…)


There was a lot of noise last year around 11/11/11 to celebrate the mythical level 11 on the volume control made notorious/famous in this scene from Spinal Tap. I had for long wanted to write about my list of songs (or just some of them) that I love to turn the noise knob up on. Silly git that I’m, I didn’t want to get on to the 11/11/11 bandwagon. Now that sufficient time has been logged since that fateful day, I can play it up…finally. This set is by no means exhaustive. Consider it a themed post in my ‘Right Now’ series. (more…)