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This post came about after yet another listen of a Leonard Cohen song, a personal favourite of both my wife and me. It is really an extension of an earlier post of mine featuring a couple of superb pieces of music exemplifying two very different facets of love. Perhaps this would have been more befitting last Thursday but we were not listening to Cohen then, busy as we were with something else. (more…)


Cool breeze, birdsong, hot tea at hand, the Sunday paper in front of my face, my love beside me, the cats purring at our feet, a weary world halted at our door and outside our window, a hint of jasmine and the susurration of bamboo leaves. I don’t know if there’s such a thing as perfection, but this is close enough. And so I decided to play Mastodon (one other heavy M, Metallica is currently passe in my world of sound) – you know, just to shake things up a bit. Well, my baby left me and the cats followed her out into the garden, the door to which was shut more firmly than was required – I could hear that even above the mayhem that Troy Sanders and his boys were unleashing. Nah, not an experiment resulting in all-round happiness. (more…)