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About the time that I wrote Her Name Is Shelagh, I was listening – not surprisingly – to a lot of British folk music. My introduction to that form was through a compilation CD released by Island Records. I was fascinated by much of what I heard, enough for me to build a music collection of such artistes as Fairport Convention, John Martyn, Nick Drake. (more…)


For three decades and a half more, she was as much a creature of myth as she was a creator of music sublime – Shelagh McDonald was. She illuminated the London folk music scene with two brilliant albums, the simply titled debut ‘Album’ and the stellar ‘Stargazer’. And just a few months after the release of the second, she disappeared without a trace. For close to 35 years, she remained one of music’s great mysteries. In that time, all that she left behind were her two albums and some live recordings and demos/outtakes. In 2005, all of that was put together in one package,  ‘Let No Man Steal Your Thyme’. (more…)