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This came by second half of November, something I along with many others helped Kickstart a few months back.

Got Pono?

Got Pono?

After much fanfare and quite divisive (and some derisive) commentary, the Pono – how I hate that name even if it gives me a title for this post – music player created by Neil Young’s company finally began shipping out late October. (more…)


There’s been quite some chatter about Neil Young’s new portable music player (set to release in October this year) that pipes high quality, ‘immersive’ sound to the human ear. The Pono music player got massively crowd-funded on Kickstarter. The well-meaning yadda-yadda about the name – it means pure, righteous etc. in Hawaiian – doesn’t provide adequate cover for a terrible brand name. Anyway, how many of these things will sell in Hawaii? But that apart, Mr. Young has brought once again to the front and centre the debate on the effectiveness of high-definition music and whether people can discern the difference between the popular mp3 format and any of the full, lossless formats. That debate, for most parts, should not even exist. (more…)