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All (take that with a pinch of salt, will ya?) I want to do on a regular basis involves running, cycling, writing and music. I’m in my element with these. Mind, when I say “element” I do not mean air. Since none of these is likely to make me a living, most of what I do by way of work is to allow me to indulge in these in peace. I’ve managed to combine music and writing on this blog and so I’m doubly happy now that I’m back to writing on DyingNote. At the beginning of this month I took tentative early steps (once again) on the path that runs to the marathon and its various contracted and extended manifestations. And it does look like I’ve finally managed to banish the demons in my head that bedevilled my getting back to the way I used to cycle before a couple of bad crashes in quick succession sent me spinning off the track almost two years back. (more…)


Floydian Delight

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Music
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I was 16 when I first heard Pink Floyd. I had heard of them and read about them before, of course – about how strange, other-worldly and even disturbing their sound was at the time they landed on the musical stage. And here I was, well over a decade after their heyday, feeling how strange, other-worldly and even disturbing their sound was. ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ was the 17th cassette (yes, I belong to those generations) that I bought and to a young mind that was used to the English pop sounds of Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, Michael Jackson, Sheena Easton, that album was mind-numbing. One listen, and the next time I put it back in the player was almost exactly an year later by when my musical horizon had expanded just a few millimeters more to accommodate this sound. And it’s been quite a trip ever since 🙂 This post was ‘inspired’ by one night-long flight of Floyd songs, and repeats of some favourites. (more…)