Take It Down A Notch

This was not intended to be the Yin to the Yang of my earlier Out Loud post. Rather, this was ‘inspired’ by my listening to samples of Norah Jones’s upcoming album, ‘Little Broken Hearts’ due for release on May 1st. Her cool, calm voice never fails to send me to a pensive state a la Gandalf…

Out Loud

There was a lot of noise last year around 11/11/11 to celebrate the mythical level 11 on the volume control made notorious/famous in this scene from Spinal Tap. I had for long wanted to write about my list of songs (or just some of them) that I love to turn the noise knob up on….

Right Now (Sep 11 2011)

Right now, there is a set of 5 songs that are on infinite (till infinity tires and dies, which should be in a couple of weeks from now) loop in my head. Tunes that hold me in thrall.