Far From Middling

‘Meso’ means middle but there’s nothing middle-of-the-road about what Project Mishram and their collaborators have pulled off on this exceptional album.

An Unquiet Stillness

Years and years of listening to music, and a wide assortment of it too; jaded ears are hardly a surprise then. Yet, even now I still get surprised and delighted by the art and craftsmanship of some musicians, old and new. And like a child, it pleases me that it happens more often than I’d…

What Witchery Is This?

What makes All Them Witches an outstanding band is that they blend it all with their own particular ingredients to brew a special magic potion.

Blazing Torche

For all the excellence of Torche’s previous works, ‘Restarter’ is in my opinion its best yet. It is certainly the most played album of the year in my ears but without slipping into overplayed territory.

Royally Skr*#

Skrat caught a lot of notice with their highly acclaimed sophomore effort “Bring Out The Big Guns”. A little under 2 years later, the band’s back with its third album, “The Queen”. Right from the swirling start of the opening track “Machete” you know that this powerhouse punk trio is dishing out something special. Just…