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I was travelling when I read about the death of J.J. Cale. I’ve not been entirely up-to-date on doings in the cyberworld these last few days but I’ve not been completely out of it either. I’m astounded at the silence in the musical circles that I’m part of – musicians, enthusiasts, writers – on the man’s life, his music and his death. I had to check again to see if his death was a figment of my perverse imagination. Sadly, no. But then again, that was J.J. Cale – not much heard of and heard much less than he should’ve been. His seemed to have been such a self-effacing personality that he was almost a creature of myth. An inspiration to a myriad musicians; Eric Clapton, albeit the most notable, was not the only one – Lynrd Skynrd, Phish, Neil Young, Mark Knopfler counted Cale amongst their major influences. (more…)


Or the don’t-try-this-ever-or-you’d-be-dead playlist. The theme for this one hits you smack on the face and what inspired it should be just as obvious – I was listening to a ZZ Top tribute CD released last year and repeats of The Rolling Stones’s ‘Sticky Fingers’. Why, what else were you thinking? (more…)