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The only thing definite about Hoirong is the band’s refusal to have its music defined. Ambient, noise-rock, punk, art-rock, post-rock, lo-fi…whatever it is, it’s been high-fives all round for its 2014 release “Dandaniya Apradh”. In its demand to stretch your known understanding of musicality, it holds something in common with “To Be Kind” by Swans (also released this year). Yet in another way “Dandaniya Apradh” is the anti-“To Be Kind”; the latter notable, among other things, for its ambitiously epic duration while the Hoirong album spins you around rapidly on a dozen axes with its packed short bursts. (more…)


But I almost didn’t. The hills, cool weather, 3 days of what promised to be great music. A temptation that I nearly desisted biting into. The thought of going alone and that this was right before a vacation break that I was taking with family kept me on the fence despite having booked the festival and travel tickets. Perversely, a raging fever that I picked up the evening before decided it for me. 5:30 the morning of Oct. 25th found me at the bus station. Don’t ask – it’s the way I am. With the exception of maybe 3 or 4 people, the bus to Ooty was filled with people headed to this year’s edition of the M.A.D. festival of music, art and dance (actually lots of the first, much less of the rest) otherwise called goMAD. Quite a few of them would be staying in the tents organised at the beautiful Fern Hills Palace grounds, the venue of the fest. (more…)