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Posted: November 7, 2013 in Music
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I’m back. Not like an oversized man-machine sent back in time or a certain bloody Count (or was that a Baron?) of lore with a penchant for necking of a sort. Nope. You see, if I didn’t make a re-entry, I would have to change this blog to – too painful, not to mention significantly more depressing – and this particular post to ‘Death Note’ which makes for a subtle but important difference from its current title, don’t you think? (Explanatory Note: title expands to Near Death Experience). Dyamm, now that I’ve put the first few words together, I should’ve done this around Halloween. (more…)


And a song for every season.

They could well paraphrase this song to ‘Churn, Churn, Churn’ and make it the HR department’s anthem 

This one for the marketer peddling his wares

And for that mythical honest business

For the paranoid and the merely curious alike

If only Pontius Pilate had sung

And in this season of giving and forgiving

For the one on a diet (there’s a twisted mind at work here)

And one for that cow on the street

For those historically inclined (Rick, are you listening?), overheard during the French Revolution

With a liberal dose of liberty, the background score to Julius Caesar – Act 3: Scene 1, perhaps?

For my passengers when I drive  

When out runs the line
And the end is nigh

And this one that prompted this post

Wrote a song for everyone
And I could’t even talk to you