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One of the underlying themes of last week’s post set me off on this one. I find cover versions rich with potential for musicality. It’s tough for an artist to take an original and interpret it in his/her own way. Often the effort falls flat. Sometimes the cover versions strike a chord in us mainly because they stick quite close to a much-loved original. Not too frequently, cover versions are completely fresh takes on the originals – some surpassing them and others not quite as likable yet interesting.

In listing two of my favourites here, I have opened myself to hate on both sides of the ridiculous pop-rock divide. These are far-out takes of iconic songs of these two genres. (more…)


Extravagant box sets – many richly done – are the norm for bands celebrating longevity landmarks. Re-worked material, outtakes, rarities, alternate versions, glossy booklets are all par for the course. Often what was released as part of a 20-year celebration gets released at the completion of 25 with a few minor tweaks, betraying the tiredness and ennui of years.

Rush bucked the trend with a low profile but incandescent offering in 2004 when they completed 30 years of producing mostly brilliant music. Instead of an exhibition of self-indulgence, ‘Feedback’ is Rush’s tribute to their early influences. This is a 27 minute riotous, unabashed celebration of their heroes, yet with Rush’s own stamp on these covers. (more…)