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I have held back on writing this piece thus far only to allow emotion to settle down. For when something that you’ve grown to love, cherish, be attached to disappears, what do you do but mourn. For many of us – and not just in Bangalore – CounterCulture was a very special place. We made new friends, hung out with old ones, the musically gifted among us made great music (ok, maybe not always) that the rest of us grooved to and always, always, we had great fun. This was a place for discovery, a launch pad for new bands, a familiar home for established artists. (more…)


Bangalore’s weather blessing is a thing of the past although it’s still a lot better than most of our other big cities. No, what really gets me kicked about this place is the number of Indie music gigs that happen every week. Even so, last Saturday was a particularly long concert day. I’m sure there was a lot else happening but I attended two gigs that day. The first was the single-day Emerge fest which had Alt-J headlining. This event had been on for some time but it gathered crazy momentum and buzz once the organizers announced Alt-J would be part of it. (more…)