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Our tour of Turkey would not have been complete without my diving in and out of music stores with a few CDs in a triumphant clutch. But our days in that country were so  packed that I was a little worried that I might have little of note to show for it. While our decision to skip Ankara on the penultimate day of our stay was not influenced by that anxiety (that decision was taken much before we reached Turkey because we wanted a little more time in Istanbul), it did help extinguish it. (more…)


I knocked at the gates of reason, seeking answers
The door opened
I was knocking from inside

Thus spake Jelaluddin Rumi, 13th century mystic and philosopher. These are lines that I’m rather fond of. There usually is a common thread – however tenuous – that runs through the music set that I listen to at a give time. But the current bewildering (to my mind) assortment of albums that I’m listening to currently brings Rumi’s pondering to the fore…once again. Perhaps as I write, I will find answers. (more…)