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Music lore has it that the old masters of Indian classical music could gather dense clouds in the sky and move them to release precious rain with an intense exposition of specific ragas. Recent legend has it that the 20th century master, Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar did just that with his rendition in raga Amruthavarshini. A legend in my family – my mother’s side, that is – also has it that the very same master musician’s proposal to wed my grandmother was politely but firmly declined by her father. Good thing too because I wouldn’t have been born and what a loss to the world that would’ve been >;-> Incidentally, my grandmother went on to marry another musician, a less known one. I’d also like to place on record there were times when I’d seen the late ancient look at me gravely and long with I suspect regret on her mind on what might have been and what had come to pass. Tough luck, sweety, and bless your soul. But here I am. And I continue to indulge in the national obsession with the failed rains. I do not know how much truth there is in the legend – I see no evidence of musicians these days of such prowess. So I’ll feebly put together a rainsong list in what is at best vain hope. (more…)


For a long time, I avoided – mostly – listening to Indian rock/pop bands because with a few exceptions, I thought all they produced was heavy metal. That is a notion (maybe it was based on reality, I don’t know) that has mercifully been given a sound thrashing in the last about year and a half. There was a time that (almost) every band here played only covers because that’s all the audience was interested in hearing from them. Original music was usually booed. That’s changing – and quite rapidly. A slew of bands that play diverse genres, some that even refuse to be slotted, has emerged. I’ve got around to going in for live performances by some of these acts and I can tell you that the studio doesn’t quite do them as much justice as when they get on stage. I’ve got a few of these songs on my playlist right now. They are not fully representative of what’s going on in the Indian independent music scene. Heck, these songs do not necessarily even capture the essence of the bands playing them. These are just a small sample. (more…)