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Our need to categorize, slot everything into a hole, has given rise – among many things – to the blandly named genre of ‘World’ music to fit all music falling outside the realms of modern English music (as if this latter is other-worldly). I don’t care much for that name, but I use it for convenience. What I do care for is the content that comprises it – for it is a whole, wide, delightful world. (more…)


When I was in school and college, my friends and I used to debate on end the relative merits of the big names of the guitar world as known to us then – Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Stevie Ray Vaughan…And for long, we swore by these and a few others. Every other guitarist was just a pale haze.

I cannot speak for my friends of back then – there’s no one of that group that I’m any longer in touch with – but fortunately for me, my ears and heart were opened to a reasonably wide spectrum of music and musicians from different parts of the world over these many years. There are so many greats out there that these ‘All-time Best’ lists that eminent members of the music/entertainment media produce are an exercise in silliness, even outright meanness. (more…)