A Bouquet Of Excellence

To call this EP “lovely” would be to merely mouth a platitude. It is not “lovely”. It is indescribably beautiful in the perverse way that deep melancholy can be.

Vylany Knows No Bounds

In throwing a fist at a smug privileged and entrenched lot and in driving for some of that change, Bob Vylan’s music is one of the most important of our times. I haven’t heard anything like this, delivered the way it is.

Far From Middling

‘Meso’ means middle but there’s nothing middle-of-the-road about what Project Mishram and their collaborators have pulled off on this exceptional album.

Progress Most Significant

Balance. Restraint. Cliched as they are as adjectives for music, these are however not used prevalently for what is called progressive rock, a genre that has become too attached to an over-the-top display of  technical play. These two very qualities – balance and restraint – often elusive to the genre help imbue Rainburn’s new album…

Far Out

It’s not very often that a piece of music presents something new with almost each listen. That, I think, is one of the hallmarks of great music. “Southern Skies Motel” by Farfetch’d manages that very well. The album might on first listen seem like a showcase of finger-style guitaring. But soon you’ll realise that as delicious…

In deafheaven, Heard

If anyone had questions about deafheaven being able to follow up 2013’s “Sunbather” with something as good, the band’s latest release, “New Bermuda” buries their doubts in the deep density of a black hole…or that place in the Atlantic where things allegedly check-in but never leave. Perhaps the most repeated term used in association with…