The Language of Empathy

Imagination and interpretation are what make our relationship with art enriching, creating our own unique, deeply personal bond with it.

Black Positive

The great sickness of humanity is the lack of empathy. Illness is not a crime. And a person with illness is not abhorrent.

Of Loss, And A Symphony Of Sorrow

There is a cleansing catharsis to be found in the indescribably beautiful music of the late Polish composer’s creation. It could be the conduit that taps into the deep sense of loss that lies bottled up in in many of us over this year of horror and release – at least in part – its choking hold.

Progress Most Significant

Balance. Restraint. Cliched as they are as adjectives for music, these are however not used prevalently for what is called progressive rock, a genre that has become too attached to an over-the-top display of  technical play. These two very qualities – balance and restraint – often elusive to the genre help imbue Rainburn’s new album…

A Genreal Post

When I first heard the term ‘Alternative’ applied to rock music many years back, I remember wondering ‘Oh! Alternative to what?’ because to me it was rock music; just that. Since then genreality has regularly bared its teeth and delighted in taking chunks off my naivete. I’ve gotten old but that ravening wolf is still…

Ground Ziro

When you get bumped up to business class on a 3+ hour flight at the start of a long journey, you can’t be faulted for wearing a silly grin on your face and thinking nothing can go wrong. I would have bought a lottery ticket right then if it was on sale. Thankfully for me,…

The Forest of Alluring Homes

Apart from its expressive power, in ways strange and familiar, the most interesting thing I find about art is its openness to interpretation; perhaps the degrees to which these are manifest are defining features – but not necessarily always – of great art. If indeed that premise is true, then Fireghost’s music surely qualifies for…

An Unquiet Stillness

Years and years of listening to music, and a wide assortment of it too; jaded ears are hardly a surprise then. Yet, even now I still get surprised and delighted by the art and craftsmanship of some musicians, old and new. And like a child, it pleases me that it happens more often than I’d…

What Witchery Is This?

What makes All Them Witches an outstanding band is that they blend it all with their own particular ingredients to brew a special magic potion.

Far Out

It’s not very often that a piece of music presents something new with almost each listen. That, I think, is one of the hallmarks of great music. “Southern Skies Motel” by Farfetch’d manages that very well. The album might on first listen seem like a showcase of finger-style guitaring. But soon you’ll realise that as delicious…